Reaching Mass Market:

A day in the life of a Norwegian EV Family

With Norway reaching mass market for EV’s, ‘charging anxiety’ seems to be creeping up on ‘range anxiety’ as demand for EV’s exceed supply and EV owners are wondering whether charging infrastructure will keep up or whether they will have to queue to charge their cars.

At the Nordic EV Summit 2018, we will ask the big questions and discuss the issues with a line- up of esteemed global speakers and experts in the field but to find out what is happening on the ground in Norway, we visited a Norwegian EV family with three children who gave us insight into their lives and how they find the balance juggling two full time careers and three young children, driving an EV. They share their views on EV’s and the environment, range anxiety, charging infrastructure challenges, the benefits of tax incentives for EV owners in Norway and which developments they look forward to on the EV circuit in Norway.

Join us now as we take a peek into the world of Bergdis Joelsdottir, her family and their Nissan Leaf EV:

If you’re interested in electric mobility, learning from the Nordic countries and meeting policy makers, industry experts, car manufacturers and 800 participants over two days from all over the world at this important networking arena for Nordic and European stakeholders, we look forward to seeing you at the Nordic EV Summit 2018 at the Radisson Plaza in Oslo, February 2018.

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