Programme day 1:

Opening session

Welcome to Norway and the World EV capital
Reaching mass market

Plenary sessions:

    Transport policy and climate change
    Why is the transport sector essential to deal with emission reduction and air pollution and how are the Nordic countries leading the way? How can policy-makers be inspired by Norwegian experience and contribute to reaching a mass market for electric vehicles on a global level?

    Future of the car industry
    The car industry is facing major challenges the next decade; stricter emission standards, new competitors, new technologies and new business models. How will the industry cope with changes like; electric and autonomous vehicles, car sharing services, mobility on demand and new production methods? And will they be able to ramp up production soon enough to fulfil the ambitions of policy-makers?

Parallel sessions:

  • Public procurements as a driver for electrification and mass deployment
  • Smart charging systems in large scale
  • Battery technology and large-scale production
  • Autonomous vehicles

Programme day 2:

Plenary sessions:

    Oil supply and demand in an electric future
    How fast will the transition to electric mobility happen worldwide and how will this affect the oil and gas industry? Could investments in oil exploration end up as stranded assets? Will the oil producers transform themselves into renewable energy producers?

    Large scale fast charging networks
    How will public charging networks scale up to 100% electric transport the coming decades? Is it even possible? How fast will fast charging be in the coming years? What can other learn from the experiences of the Norwegian fast charging operators in the world’s most advanced EV market?

Parallel sessions:

  • Electric ferries and ships
  • Light electric vehicles potential in a new transport world
  • Electric buses for green cities
  • Electric mobility on demand

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