Digitalization of communications

As channels become fragmented the biggest challenge facing organization is to maintain coherent message, take down silos and make sure that they understand the channels and how they fit into their communications.

It is interesting to see both advertisers and publishers struggling in adapting towards these changes, see how they embrace them or in most cases try to hang on to the old models. We are not saying that digital is the end or the beginning, but it’s changing how we communicate and maybe more importantly how we can be communicated to.

During the conference you will hear how the BBC worked with the threat of digitalization with Radio at the centre of it, how large global companies like Vodafone work with the opportunities digital provides and how the media needs to adapt these changes. This conference is not trying to tell you that social media is important or that print is dead, it's about understanding how organizations have been adapting and using this to their advantage.

You can expect great speakers with great insights and best practices.

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Juni 2023
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Juni 2023
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September 2023
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